Meline Tovmasian is practically a native of California. She grew up in Hollywood since 1980 and moved to Burbank in 1989.  Meline has always been interested in performing since she was a little girl. Coming from a musical and creative family, her mothers’ side would always sing, dance and be merry at their family functions and those were always BIG FAT ARMENIAN parties. If you know how those are, then you would understand that she loved entertaining everybody with her silly characters and dancing skills. 

Tovmasian roots come from Yerevan, Armenia but she considers herself a melting pot of cultures since she grew up around so many different nationalities.Her training stems from stage in dance and theatre. After 10+ years she has experience in musical theatre with a few tv/film projects which she wants to change.  In 2010 she entered the stand up comedy world; which led her to hosting her one woman/variety show titled Meli Belli Show. It is now her ultimate passion and goal. Since 2006 she is known as the original character ‘Fairy Shoushanik’ from Taline & Friends; an Armenian Educational Children’s live musical show that performs at Alex theatre, CSUN, and private parties all over United States.

In addition to all her talents, Meline has other skill sets necessary to survive and continue to do the things she loves most in life. They are the following: Licensed Aesthetician/Makeup Artist; BeautybyMeline, Childrens’ Entertainer/Face Painter Sunny Melly, Server/Bartender and Receptionist for production companies.

She is always volunteering for causes like cancer, homelessness and abused families. These issues are very important to her.

Meline is currently taking meetings for representation across the board.

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